Announcing the formation of the Forest Reciprocity Group

Still working on our logo!!

Still working on our logo!!

PSA for Immediate Release

Announcing the formation of FRG

The Forest Reciprocity Group, is a growing group of citizens in the Mendocino county region working to support the health and utilization of overstocked fire-hazard lands. Widespread agreement on management practices has coalesced in the wake of even-aged (“clear cut”) harvest and loss of ancient traditional low intensity fire management. Fuel loads have been steadily increasing for the last few decades as carpet regeneration has largely gone unchecked. Over competition for light, water, and nutrients has led to weakened forests, loss of diversity, and abundant dead wood. This has allowed wildfires to ascend into devastating crown fires that have decimated ecosystems and human settlements alike. This burden can be our solution. As we improve natures health we are reciprocated with abundance. The suppressed growth of ailing Douglas Fir trees creates extremely strong, “tight ring”, small diameter poles that can be used as beautiful, sturdy, architectural elements. These poles exceed the tensile strength of sawn lumber with uncut continuous fibers running their entire length. Encased in natural fire-resistant clay-based wall mediums, these structures have proven to be exceptionally impervious to wildfires. This is a marked advance from expensive, often toxic, flammable dwellings. FRG’s objectives are to reciprocate with nature and unburden forest lands of overcapacity, while creating beautiful, healthy, safe dwellings, and other useful structures and meaningful purposes.

It is time for conscientious civilization to rise from the ashes!

The Forest Reciprocity Group has been initiated through a collaboration of members of Cloud Forest Institute (, Polecraft Solutions ( and local citizens. Financial support has been granted through the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment, and the Just and Resilient Future Fund. With the formation of FRG we will schedule a series of presentations and events promoting practices of forest reciprocity, including demonstrations on assembling a round pole structure in both Laytonville and Ukiah.

For more information contact Jen Burnstad,, ph: 707-380-5059