Pole Frame Raising - Hands-On Demo! Laytonville - 5/25/ 2019


In collaboration with FRG, Polecraft Solutions will be giving a hands-on demonstration of raising a county code approved round pole house frame kit on May 25, 2019! 

WHO: Polecraft Solutions in collaboration with the Forest Reciprocity Group

WHAT: Pole Frame Raising - A Hands-On Demonstration

WHERE: 44450 US-101, Laytonville, CA  95454

WHEN: May 25, 2019, 10AM - 10pm

Join a celebration of creative adaptability, information exchange, and innovation with small diameter pole utilization. Polecraft Solutions in collaboration with the Forest Reciprocity Group will be raising a county code approved round pole frame kit! Learn more at a round wood furniture building workshop and educational booths by members of local environmental groups.

PIZZA made right there! Local BREW! Family Fun!!  

There is not a more intelligent, economically feasible, and progressive solution for todays housing needs than the use of small diameter poles that are being thinned from forestlands for fire mitigation. The expense of small poles is negligible, and when understood as a valued byproduct of restorative forestry management and forest fire resilience, this viable and superior building material can change the way we think about housing and our relationship with the land we depend upon for materials and healthy good living. 

The live-edge, prefabricated small diameter poles quickly assemble into beautiful sturdy superstructures for home and utility. The round pole timber frame—that you can help raise in this hands-on demonstration—is compatible with cob, plastered straw bale, wood chip clay, and other natural composite infill. Coated in earthen plaster these assembled buildings are wildfire resistant and extremely energy efficient. 

FRG has been a conduit of funding for the engineering of this affordable and efficient "Saltbox" plan, designed and developed by Polecraft Solutions, who have years of experience working with these materials and further developing natural building techniques. This Saltbox design will be available to the public as a kit, with minimal site specific cost additions. Not only an affordable framework for green housing developments and eco-villages, but a sustainable economic solution based in restorative forestry that addresses housing needs for fire victims and the housing crises we see throughout CA. 

Contact: jen@cloudforest.org