Pole Frame and Fund Raising Event, Ukiah - stay tuned! date TBA (late summer early fall 2019)

WHO: Polecraft Solutions in collaboration with the Forest Reciprocity Group

WHAT: Pole Frame and Fund Raising

Completed Mortise and Tenon.jpg

WHERE: Hensley Creek Rd. Ukiah, CA

WHEN: TBA (late summer early fall 2019)

Join a celebration of creative adaptability, information exchange, and innovation with old world materials where Polecraft Solutions, with your help, will be raising their engineered and code approved round pole frame kit!

There is not a more sustainable, intelligent or economically feasible solution for todays housing needs than the use of small diameter poles, thinned from forest restoration projects. The expense of small poles is negligible, and when understood as a valued byproduct of restorative forestry management and fire mitigation, this viable and superior building material can change the way we think about housing and our relationship with the land we depend upon for materials.

This event is a fundraiser for FRG’s Natural Building Arts & Innovation Center that will be developed at this very site!