FRG Invited to speak at the 2019 Soil Not Oil Conference, 9/9-10/2019

WHAT: 2019 Soil Not Oil Conference

WHEN: September 9 - 10, 2019

WHERE: Grey Area/Grand Theater, 2665 Mission St., San Francisco, CA

The Forest Reciprocity Group is honored to be speaking at Soil Not Oil, the 5th annual agro-ecological and environmental justice conference taking place in San Francisco.

FRG understands the urgent need to incentivize forest ecology improvement above extractive logging for the resilience of one of California’s main sources of carbon sequestration. We will be presenting how FRG is creating multiple incentives for prioritizing forestland improvement management by creating a revitalized, local and sustainably sourced, forest product industry from the abundant by-product of forest improvement projects that are currently being stacked and burned as waste. Our initiative has the potential to create affordable fire-safe housing and fire-resilient communities, to create local full-time jobs, and economic opportunities for our communities and partners while restoring forestland and watersheds to health and fire resilience.

The Soil Not Oil pledge is as follows:

We are living at a critical time where we must address three monumental challenges before us:

  1. An accelerating climate change, biodiversity erosion and desertification resulting from an insatiable appetite of the capitalist economic system that is driving the planet’s environmental crises,

  2. The uprooting of millions from their homes and countries through oil wars, resource wars, and economic wars, creating an unprecedented migrant and refugee crises,

  3. A non-sustainable food and agriculture system that is contributing to soil degradation, climate change, and health crises. Major unsustainable petroleum and synthetic chemical-based industrial agriculture occupies 80% of arable land, generates 25-30% of the greenhouse gases, but only produces 30% of the world’s food. This monoculture model, which increasingly uses genetically modified organisms (GMOs), risks worldwide food security issues and places unacceptable stresses upon human and soil health, biodiversity, and food products.

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Hope to see you there!